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In 2005, Sam Houston Area Council engaged Kingwood Laser Graphics to redesign their recognition system for the council Friends of Scouting campaign.  The objectives of the redesign were twofold:

  1. To increase recognition quality, thus encouraging the donor to proudly display the recognition piece, and
  2. Reduce recognition costs while maintaining year to year program continuity.

The result was a series of laser engraved plaques that range in size and degree of decoration based on size of the gift.  The smaller plaques for the Leadership, Patron and Guardian membership levels range from 5” x 7” to 7” x 9” and are personalized with the donor’s name and membership level.  The larger plaques provided for Sponsor level and greater giving range from 8” x 10” to 11” x 15” and are assembled from laser etched, laser cut alder and walnut.

After the council receives a donation, a thank you note and a response card are mailed to the donor.  By checking a box and returning the response card, the donor is able to select whether he or she wants a plaque, hanger tab or neither one.  If the plaque is selected, the donor can indicate how they want their name to be engraved.  Except for some of the larger donations, plaques are only presented for the first year’s donation.  For subsequent years’ donations and based on the donor's response to the thank you card, a laser engraved “hanger tab” is mailed to the donor to be installed on pre-attached hooks on the bottom of the plaque.  Each tab is laser engraved with the donation level, year and a Scouting graphic representative of the year.  Kingwood Laser packages each tab with jump rings to connect with the previous year’s tab and instructions that are color coded by donation level (to facilitate program administration).

The program is now in its seventh year and has proven to be very successful.  The plaques have been very well received by the recipients, both at the family level and the corporate level.  One long time board member and supporter was heard to say, “This is the best Boy Scout plaque I have ever received!”  The corporate acceptance of these plaques has been exceptional and they are frequently on display in corporate offices throughout Houston.  The high contrast engraving on the light colored wood makes it easy to read from across a room, further increasing community awareness of the donor’s support to the Boy Scouts.  

Start-up costs were no more than the recognition program already in existence however by utilizing the hanger tab concept, subsequent years' costs have been reduced dramatically, as expected.

This program can be easily adapted and customized for any council with your specific giving levels, graphics and text.  

Kingwood Laser Graphics
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